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Our Story

We are an HR Consultancy like no other, offering refreshingly vibrant high quality products to Public Sector, SME’s and NfP’s who want to grow business through best practice people management. After all our strapline is… it’s all about the people.
You HR Consultancy was founded in 2009 by Jonna Mundy and, like everything now established in the business, the brand needed to have meaning… Wanting something meaningful, purposeful and people centric, the name ‘You’ HR Consultancy was formed. The brand connects everyone that the Consultancy works with, employs and supports.

You HR Consultancy is steeped in character that stems back to Jonna’s childhood. Being brought up by her Nan (Lillian Skinner) Jonna remembers her reading the ‘You magazine’ on a Sunday and also her convictions of behaving openly, with honesty and transparency. Lillian was a pillar of the London Community, and helped many during the second world war, whilst raising 7 of her own children! A real people’s person, a doer and someone who always strived to bring the best out in people.

You HR Consultancy’s ways of working shine through in all the team do and they pride themselves in reflecting the business strapline that ‘it’s all about the people’. This is particularly important when supporting the consultancy’s passion to give back to communities at every opportunity.

Over the years You HR Consultancy’s products and services have been refined. Whilst the vision remains the same, there is a clear passion to achieve business growth through people from the wide-ranging personalised HR offering the Consultancy provides.

How Can We Help You?

We genuinely want the best for our clients, and we recognise that one size does not fit all. Our unique, agile and flexible service typifies how our values and personalised approach enable us to put in place a solution that works best for You.

Rather than simply take away HR responsibilities from your business entirely we can help you, your business and indeed your managers and staff, to develop, grow and perform at their best on all things people-related. We seamlessly deal with the difficult matters and empower leadership and growth at every opportunity.

We can be your all encompassing ‘Retained’ HR provider, or work alongside your existing HR resource on discrete pieces of work on an ad-hoc basis, instilling compliance, best practice and a refreshingly vibrant approach that will be of great value to you and address your HR needs. It really is about what works best for You.

You HR have a reputation for demonstrating our passion in delivering the best possible client HR and OD solutions. We recognise how vital it is for you to be assured that the ‘people’ challenges within your business are taken care of for You.

We exist to be of purpose for our clients and not just for profit. Our team of knowledgeable and highly experienced individuals provides our clients with a full range of solutions that enables your business to flourish and grow and ensure you have a positive workplace where your employees can perform at their best for You.

You HR Consultancy is based in Wallingford and is Oxfordshire’s leading visionary Human Resources and Organisational Development Consultancy!

Our PAYG service offering depends on what support will work best for you. We can design and deliver packages of work, whether hourly or daily, tailored specifically just for You. 

If you need quick support with a reactive HR issue, our PAYG service is ideal to quickly equip you with the resource and support you need. We will simply set out the most cost-effective way to provide a solution for you and get started right away.

Let us help you by undertaking a comprehensive introductory HR&OD Audit for you first, so we can produce a report of recommendations tailored to your current business needs and future focus.
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