People and Management Programmes

Our people management courses can be built into a modular programme to meet your business needs, so your managers can cover a multitude of topics enabling them to become confident managers. The journey to become a line manager and transition into a good people manager takes time and requires practice to refine skills and knowledge in the workplace, not just simply theoretical learning that gets forgotten if not practically applied… Our approach to learning in a live environment is refreshingly different and statistically demonstrates results.

HR Management Courses

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Recruiting the Right Resource
Appraising, Rewarding and Recognition
Managing and leading change successfully
Handling grievances and disciplinaries effectively
Managing Resources and Work Relations
Managing workplace wellbeing
Undertaking investigations
Managing Talent, Succession Planning for the future
Managing and Maximising Performance
Dealing with difficult situations
Management and leadership core skills
Meeting Management (inc. facilitation, conducting 1:1s, chairing a meeting)
Experienced training
Our training courses put learning into action and encourage learners to use ‘live’ examples to develop their skills and deal with challenges including where they might feel areas of people management overwhelming. Learners will gain access to best practice processes, underpinning ‘employers’ responsibility around legislative/regulatory requirements (using non-jargonistic content) and ultimately learn how to develop teams, individuals, themselves, and progress people management overall in the workplace.
Learning resources
We will provide learners with materials to extend their knowledge, develop skills and reflect upon their current and future ways of working through ‘live learning’ experiences. Programmes can contain, tutor and coaching support, reflective learning activities directly relevant to the workplace and well-structured assignments to fully embed learning in practice.
Once you’ve decided on what learning you would like to take forward then simply click on a button below to get in touch with us or to find out more about the services we provide.
You can choose to tailor our courses to your business brand and ways of working, incorporating your own images, videos, content and specific practices including your policies and processes. Our expertise in advancing people management knowledge, skills and experience undoubtedly gives the learner what they need and provides you with a cost effective return on investment and assurance of growth through management development and capability being put into practice in the workplace.