The Benefits of You HR's E-Learning Solutions

Posted on 17 May 2023 by Ian Mundy

There are many benefits from our Academy's online e-Learning system which can help you to optimise the solutions you put in place and create an agile development culture for your organisation:

Everyone has different learning needs and styles, so it is important that these are considered when providing training and development within your organisation so that all needs are met.

So, what is an ‘agile development culture’, well it’s an environment that is underpinned by core values, behaviours and ways of working, it focuses on collaboration enabling teams to be empowered and take ownership, it's able to adapt, react and embrace to the ever-changing world we live in.

A key element to keeping your teams agile, is the development aspect, fuelling your teams development in all aspects of technical and behavioural learning is vital.

The leaders and managers of your organisation play a crucial role in helping to create an agile culture. From leading and managing by example to adapting their leadership and management styles to get the best out of different team members. Learning how to apply fundamental 'soft' skills such as emotional intelligence and resilience, flexibility, inclusivity and coaching or mentoring, all help to build the foundations of an agile development a culture, alongside applying core tools and procedural practice that sets out your organisations' expectations, core values, behaviours and ways of working.

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