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9 August 2021
Will companies face an increase in conflict and disputes now employees are facing a return to the workplace post-COVID-19? What is the cost of conflict in the workplace and can we really afford it?

As the world starts to return to normal and organisations are starting to implement a return to the office, workplace conflict is on the rise. What are the issues for your people and how can these be positively addressed? Conflict is defined as a clash of interests. Examples of conflict in the workplace include: any […]

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16 June 2021
Right to Work Checks

As there are some important Employment Legislation changes regarding Right to Work Checks we have created a quick update to help ensure that you and your business are following the correct procedures. Temporary Adjustments for Right to Work checks: Extended until 5th April 2022 The temporary changes, which have been in place since 30 March […]

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23 March 2021
Employment Legislation Changes

Need to keep updated on the latest employment legislation changes being implemented this year? We have done the work for you and rounded up all the latest news so you can be in the know and ensure Employee Handbooks and relevant policies are refreshed. 2021 Employment Legislation Changes include: How to be ‘Brexit Ready’ for […]

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15 March 2021
Achieving virtual onboarding success

Onboarding is the process through which a new employee is introduced to their new workplace and colleagues. With recent events, the recruitment and onboarding of many new employees has had to become a virtual experience. Recently You HR Consultancy hired a new employee and Emma became our first fully virtual recruit. In this video, Emma […]

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21 November 2020
You HR launch free online HR Health Check

You HR Consultancy are pleased to announce the launch of our free online HR Health Check! This easy to use tool takes a few minutes to complete and is designed to give you an instant outcome of how your business complies with the latest HR best practice and legislative employment requirements. Questions in the survey […]

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27 March 2020
Furlough Facts & Findings about the UK Job Retention Scheme

Are you wanting to get your head around the new “furlough worker” term and how this can be applied in your workplace? In this article You HR Consultancy has summarised the key facts about the UK Governments Job Retention Scheme, who this applies to and how. If you need any support from You HR Consultancy […]

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16 March 2020
Engagement through induction

Jonna and Ian continue their discussion about the onboarding process in this second video by talking about the importance of engagement throughout the induction process. If you would like to discuss ways to improve your recruitment and onboarding processes You HR Consultancy are happy to help and advise! Just drop us an email on […]

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11 March 2020
Are you ready for IR35 changes?

Off payroll working rules IR35 are going through some changes from April 6th 2020. If you are a private sector business are you ready for changes? Our infographic talks you through the changes to IR35 and how to prepare, including a handy 'useful terms' section to help make sense of the jargon used. If you […]

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9 March 2020
Onboarding a new employee

Recently Jonna took the time to talk to Ian about his experience as a new employee at You HR Consultancy. This was a great opportunity for us to talk about what went well for us when we were onboarding a new employee and how we practice what we teach. If you would like help with […]

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3 March 2020
Four tips to ensure you recruit the right candidate

In this video Caroline gives four tips to ensure you can recruit the right candidate for your job opportunity. Recruitment is an important time and should be a time to let your business shine to prospective employees. Do you feel that you employ the best people for your business? If you'd like more help in […]

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28 February 2020
How can I recruit and retain the right candidates?

Caroline gives some tips on how to recruit and retain the right candidates in You HR Consultancy's latest video. If you would like further assistance in recruiting and retaining the right candidates we deliver refreshingly innovative recruitment and selection solutions to ensure success for your every need. Furthermore we can assist you through our People […]

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10 February 2020
Employee protocol for adverse weather conditions

As we are experiencing adverse weather conditions with winter storms and snow in parts of the country, we wanted to share our 'Guide to working in winter weather conditions' infographic. Ensuring that employees have a comfortable working environment, alternative plans or additional working considerations can help your business run smoothly whatever the weather. If you […]

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4 February 2020
How to handle workplace bullying

Emma talks through ways to handle a workplace bullying concern in this how-to video. If you would like to know more about our services click here.

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26 November 2019
How to handle a complaint from an employee

If you have ever wondered how to handle a complaint from a member of staff then our video will help. Watch Holly explain what not to do when handling an Employee Grievance, including ensuring that you are following ACAS guidance. For further information read our handy infographic for our HR guidance.

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15 July 2019
The 3 Things Not to Do When an Employee Raises A Grievance

1. Don’t assume or draw conclusions It’s important to remember that there are two sides to every story and it is vital you don’t make assumptions or draw conclusions without hearing both sides. Facts are key in resolving workplace disputes, without trying to establish all the facts first you are putting yourself at risk of […]

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27 June 2019
Are employers clear on the appropriate use of social media?

Social media has a wealth of benefits for businesses and their employees with approximately 3.484 billion active social media users worldwide. But in an age of digitalisation and the social media ‘frenzy’, how do we ensure that employers and employees are clear on appropriate use of social media and what can be done if things […]

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18 March 2019
Confused about Brexit and what this means for current/future EU employees?

Whilst we wait for a full and final position on Brexit and the negotiated exit terms between the UK and the EU and a date of when change will take place, there will nevertheless be an impact on EU nationals working in the UK. To help understand what employers need to do, our article sets […]

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12 July 2018
Useful Questions on Flexibility During the School Holidays

With the school holidays fast approaching You HR are often asked about flexibility for parents during the summer break.  ACAS have recently published a newsletter containing some of the most frequently asked questions about annual leave during school holidays and we thought we would share them with you.     Can an employee take three […]

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7 July 2018
LGBT Pride Month 2018

Known as the “Mother of Pride”, it was Brenda Howard who coordinated the first LGBT Pride march. As well as sparking the idea for a week of events around Pride Day. These events then developed into the annual LGBT celebrations held every June. Every year the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways. […]

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18 June 2018
Have you got a World Cup Workplace?

In football it's all about the people too!   With the world cup fully kicked off, we wanted to share a few tips to help you think about what adjustments you might want to make to best support your employees during major sporting events (it’s not all about football… It’s all about the people!). According […]

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