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Category: People and Organisational Development

16 March 2022
Recruitment, Reward, Performance & Pay Progression 

Do you have processes in place to recruit, engage and reward your employees? Do you link your retention strategy to rewarding great performance? Keep reading to find out more... We’ve seen the recruitment landscape change dramatically as a result of the pandemic across many industries and, for many roles it can be a candidate led […]

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15 March 2022
Getting to know You! By Emma Crossley

Hello! As you will all hopefully already be aware, my name is Emma and I am the Head of Human Resources Consultancy Services at You HR and I have worked for the company for over 3 years. I joined You HR as a Junior HR Consultant following a few years in HR within a charitable […]

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5 August 2021
How do you develop People Management?

People Management: The You HR Way To help organisations develop their people management You HR is leading the way through developing a comprehensive and accredited leadership and management modular programme that has been independently verified by The Institute of Leadership & Management. The programme embraces core aspects of what operational managers encounter on a day […]

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29 July 2019
Competition Time. We need your feedback!

We're developing our online Academy service: providing online access to a wide range of material across all HR subjects from recruitment and retaining through to redundancy and retirement - with a whole lot in between! We need your help! Please can you spare us 5 minutes to complete our survey to help ensure that we […]

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10 July 2019
How not to Engage a Top Performing Team

So many articles have been written about the best ways to engage a team we thought that we would turn it on its head to highlight just what it takes to get a team to engage.  When the points are written from a negative perspective it can really show just how not to do things […]

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27 June 2019
How can coaching & mentoring help your organisation thrive?

The terms coaching and mentoring are often used interchangeably and frequently get confused. In our article we explore the differences between the two and the ways both can help organisations achieve goals, allowing employees to increase their confidence and make their own decisions. It is very important to be clear about the individual’s learning objective […]

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2 May 2019
We've gained our Breathe Silver Award!

We're really pleased to have received our Silver award from Breathe. Breathe is a a cloud HR software solution designed to take companies away from employee admin, giving them time to spend on the development of their business and people. We find it useful to log our client time and track our annual leave in […]

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23 July 2018
From Good to Great

When I decided to set-up as an independent consultant in the early spring of 2009, I had no idea that my vision would become the successful, thriving business that it is today.

By the Summer of 2010 the consultancy was registered as a Limited company and I wrote my first 5 year business plan – setting out a vision of what I wanted to achieve.

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20 July 2018
My Day at You HR

Interesting in hearing more about working for You HR? Here is a snapshot into the working life of one of our part-time employees, Matt: I have been working at You HR for nearly a year now and it has made me feel more confident workwise, and in talking to people. My day begins at 10.00 […]

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15 July 2018
First Day of Work Experience

My first day of work experience was a very nerve racking one as I really didn’t know what to expect as it was my first time doing anything like this. As I walked up the road to the main office I felt more confident as I thought how bad can it really be. Pushing open […]

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1 March 2018
Who's Who... Jonna Mundy

MEET JONNA Growing up in London and being the youngest of 24 grandchildren, Jonna was brought up by 3 generations of females in one house, on very traditional values. Starting work in the big city at the young age of 15, by the time Jonna was 22, she was recognised nationally as the youngest corporate […]

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10 January 2018
Celebrating the Launch of You HR Academy

What is You HR Academy? October 2017 is a milestone month for the team at You HR Consultancy Ltd because we are launching our new online Academy! I am truly amazed by what the system looks like and it is fascinating to see our plans that we have worked on for the last few months […]

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30 October 2017
Kairan's Black History Month Hero 2017

My Black History Month Hero is Barack Obama due to my admiration of his leadership during his presidency. I truly believe that everybody has a responsibility to lead by example and understand that it’s not about one single person being accountable for all change but it is about one person inspiring and leading to achieve. We […]

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23 October 2017
Nichola's Black History Month Hero

I'd like to tell you some background on my Hero before I move onto why I choose them. Born Steveland on the 13th May 1950, Saginaw, Michigan. Steveland was born prematurely, Steveland was placed in an incubator for life support. However, an excess of oxygen resulted in the scarring and detachment of his retina leading […]

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17 October 2017
Jonna's Black History Month Hero 2017

Nelson Mandela I’m not quite sure why I am so drawn to South Africa, I have often wondered if I descended from this beautiful country in a former life. Maybe it was following his release on TV in the February (11th) of 1990 that intrigued me, as a teenager I couldn’t quite comprehend why he […]

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13 October 2017
Toni-Dee's Black History Month Hero

At You HR Consultancy we are celebrating Black History Month 2017! As a team we have each chosen a Black History Month Hero who has inspired us. We want to celebrate these significant individuals and the impact they have had on the world. We all have commitment to Inclusion, Equality & Diversity. As a team […]

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7 February 2017
Our New website launch promo!!!
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7 February 2017
Pre-launch team building day! Love what you do...

What a day, what a team. Its been a busy few months, organising new offices, a new website and taking on You HR's latest shining stars, so we decided it was the right time to give the office a break and take it to the streets for a team day. Thankfully our recruitment is so […]

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22 January 2017
Latest CIPD News: How to make performance management work.

There has been a great deal written about performance management over recent years. From the headlines at least, it can sound like appraisals are history. Certainly there seem to be significant new trends in how employers manage performance, but there is also a good deal of hype. What’s more, in most discussions of 'leading practice' […]

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