Achieving virtual onboarding success

Posted on 15 March 2021 by You HR

Onboarding is the process through which a new employee is introduced to their new workplace and colleagues. With recent events, the recruitment and onboarding of many new employees has had to become a virtual experience.

Recently You HR Consultancy hired a new employee and Emma became our first fully virtual recruit.

In this video, Emma talks about her experience and some of the steps we took to try to help her feel part of the team without having actually met the majority of them in person.

At You HR we specialise in helping clients to recruit successfully and can assist you through any or all of the process.

Bespoke Induction Programmes

We can create bespoke induction programmes for you which can save time and money by ensuring your new employees all receive the same training as they join your organisation. This can include standard or bespoke statutory and mandatory training and role specific training.

As Emma describes in her video receiving a full induction programme can help to quickly settle a new employee and sets your new employee on their way feeling confident and fully aware of the requirements expected of them.

Tips on a successful virtual onboarding experience

Making a connection with someone whilst working virtually is difficult. The first six months are crucial in helping retain employees. Here are our tips to help make this a success:

A sense of belonging

Taking steps to maintain communication and engagement will not only drive commitment and excitement for your new employee but also gives opportunity to get a lot of the housework of induction out the way before Day 1. Consider ideas such as:

  • Your welcome pack could include videos from the team, a virtual tour of the office, gifts perhaps that reflect your culture, as well as e-forms for the important bits of onboarding
  • Schedule a virtual meet the team session with follow-up sessions with their work buddy so all the basic 'get to know' points are beginning to be instilled, engagement is maintained and any questions/queries the new starter has are promptly being addressed
  • A personalised welcome video, including a few words from your Business Leader, their Line Manager that sets the scene for their online induction they can complete
  • A shared checklist so all involved with onboarding on clear actions are complete and Day 1 runs seamlessly.

Keeping in touch

Think about what you would want to experience when starting a new in your business, put yourself in the shoes of your new starter to ensure the experience doesn't overwhelm... Spread the onboarding process from the point of making an offer to the first day and:

  • Try providing information in bitesize steps using a variety of methods
  • Obtain assurance your new starter can access systems / resources they need
  • Understand and use the HMRC virtual guidelines for compliance checks
  • Compile content and use a checklist to set-up a personnel file correctly
  • Help your new starter to understand your ways of working.

Work well

Make Day 1 the best long-lasting experience for your new starter. Naturally, they may feel anxious, so give assurance, check-in on their wellbeing. Be clear on what they can expect from you as their employer, help put their mind at ease. If venturing into the workplace or working remotely:

  • Make sure they have a safe working environment (PPE/hygiene where appropriate)
  • Inform them of the importance of taking breaks
  • Nurture any needs/adjustments to be made
  • Determine what the first week, month and beyond goals are to be achieved

With this section and those above in place, it will allow the first day to be personalised and meaningful. You will know more about your new starter, what their needs are and they will know yours. So from day 1, they will commence on a journey of being able to perform at their optimal best and rapidly grow into their role.

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