Are employers clear on the appropriate use of social media?

Posted on 27 June 2019 by You HR
Appropriate use of social media in the workplace

Social media has a wealth of benefits for businesses and their employees with approximately 3.484 billion active social media users worldwide.

But in an age of digitalisation and the social media ‘frenzy’, how do we ensure that employers and employees are clear on appropriate use of social media and what can be done if things go wrong?

We have put together some top tips on how to ensure appropriate use of social media within the workplace for employers and employees!

Top tips for employers:

  • Create a policy on the use of social media or include this as part of your employee handbook stating how employees can use social media at and/or for work
  • If an employee is representing the company online, set appropriate rules for what information they may disclose and the range of opinions they may express
  • Highlight if you reserve the right to monitor employee’s use of social media on work equipment in circumstances such as when they should be working or breaching the rules set out in the policy and how this right will be exercised in accordance with GDPR legislation
  • Be clear to employees the expectations regarding their use of social media in their personal life. Whilst they are not acting on behalf of the organisation they can damage your reputation if recognised as being an employee
  • Outline the potential implications of not adhering to the social media policy
  • Ensure employees do not feel ‘gagged’ by the policy but that the organisation feels confident its reputation will be guarded
  • Engage with it, enjoy it and use it in the best way you can to support your business!

Top tips for employees:

  • Adhere to the guidance provided by your employer regarding social media in both your work and personal capacity. Do not breach confidentiality, copyright or any other legislation requirements
  • Regularly check the privacy settings on your social networking sites and consider whether you want or need co-workers to see their profiles.
  • Think before you post! For social media for work purposes, use safeguards such as reviewing the purpose and benefit of social media communication, obtaining permission from a manager or asking a colleague to check the content before posting
  • Enjoy it and use it in the best way you can to promote yourself!

Written by Emma Crossley, HR Advisor

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