Are You Ready For Change?

Posted on 9 May 2022 by Ian Mundy

Over 60% of respondents from a recent survey You HR has run, said that they do not feel ready for their organisation to manage change in their organisation, whether for growth, downsizing (including redundancies), restructuring or where their organisation is diversifying in the products / services they offer.

56% confirmed they were not confident in knowing any employee’s rights to consultation… With the recent catastrophic events of P&O Ferries, and the shambles in trying to get round obligating consultation requirements, we have helped many organisations avoid the pitfalls that could end up costing significantly by not complying with legal duties to consult, whether on an individual of collective basis. 

A key part of our Exclusive Retained or Pay As You Go (PAYG) service includes supporting our clients every step of the way to map out and identify what needs to change, what is driving the change requirements, and how best to proceed in managing change in the workplace. 

We tailor make a case for change that has resulted in You HR working through some of the most complex change for our clients. We pride ourselves in our outstanding legacy to achieve change without concern (a common cause that then can unfortunately lead to wider issues of complaints or grievances being raised, or at worst claims being made against an employer).  

Whatever your need, we enable, through a robust plan of work, for HR to lead the way in managing change that affects people, ensuring outcomes are delivered well and the right results achieved.  

We take great pride in getting to know the #PublicSector, #NotforProfit and #SME clients we have the pleasure of working with that enables their organisation to flourish and grow.  

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