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Posted on 29 February 2024 by Jonna Mundy

In the dynamic fields of Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Development (OD), You Consultancy is a catalyst of change and transformation, grounded in a meaningful network that boasts purposeful growth, and people-centric values.

Founded in 2009 by Jonna Mundy, the Consultancy has invested over the last year to make its OD offering more prominent, reflecting stronger intrinsic links between HR and OD within its Retained and Pay As You Go (PAYG) client services.

You Consultancy have always been a pioneering industry leader of HR and OD. In looking ahead at how the employment and organisational landscape is changing the time is right for solutions that enhance leadership thinking and meets existing and future client needs.

The value of 'You'

You Consultancy continues to be a leading pinnacle service provider to Public and Not for Profit Sector organisations and those SME’s that support these sectors. The combination of the brand name and its renowned Service Line Tree of People and Organisational growth, symbolises the holistic product areas the Consultancy offers. The synergy between HR and OD in any organisation creates two foundational pillars of strength and excellence whilst placing people at the core. After all, this is why the Consultancy’s strapline remains as a guiding principle for all, where in any organisation, "It's All About The People."

The shifts to elevate our service offerings over the last year ensures the Consultancy provides even stronger, measurable, returns on investment that are of value to any organisation through harmonious cutting-edge solutions provided to meet clients immediate and long-term HR and OD aspirations.

A Comprehensive Approach: Beyond HR

You Consultancy, recognises that organisational success depends not only on effective HR and people management but also on fostering a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and learning. The enhanced focus on Organisational Development ensures clients progress through a journey of growth, sustainably reaching all they desire to achieve. As a small yet agile Consultancy,

‘You’ continues to evolve and emphasise its ability to deliver future-fit capabilities for clients. In today's economic climate, blending HR and OD strategies is crucial for maintaining effective employment relations, empowering organisations to navigate current employment challenges.

The Consultancy’s approach to Organisational Development is enriched with the human elements in the world of work. Pathways are created that involve organisations charting appreciative dialogic and diagnostic strategies and plans that full proof, with fluidity, the complexities and turbulence of our digital hyperconnected world.

The Consultancy goes beyond creating a balance of work and life because expectations have changed. It energises and assesses the needs of individuals and larger groups, beyond the organisation singularly, connecting with stakeholders across community and societal groups, creating powerful and purposeful organisations and systems as forces for good. Organisations that focus on integrating what work has now become, create huge power and potential, for many. Looking after people is no longer standalone, it’s an integral part of an organisations sustainability.

The 'You' Experience

The iconic legacy of the ‘You’ brand name continues to draw inspiration from Jonna's Nan, Lillian Skinner. A pillar of the South East London community, renowned for her great integrity whilst helping so many during world war II, alongside raising 9 children. Stories of old would often be told on a Sunday throughout Jonna’s childhood whilst her Nane would sit, as an avid reader, flicking through the Mail on Sunday ‘You’ Magazine.

A clients journey with ‘You’ is more than a transaction; it's a collaborative exploration where our HR and OD Consultants partner with your existing resources, indispensably propelling your organisation toward unprecedented altitudes of what you can accomplish.

Get in touch by emailing alice@hr-od.co.uk and join us in shaping opportunities where HR and OD work hand in hand. At You Consultancy, we stand as a testament to the belief that the synergy between HR and OD is the cornerstone of organisational excellence. Embrace the 'You' experience, where every step is a successful stride toward a brighter and more integrated future. Your journey redefined begins with 'You.'

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