LGBT Pride Month 2018

Posted on 7 July 2018 by You HR

Known as the “Mother of Pride”, it was Brenda Howard who coordinated the first LGBT Pride march. As well as sparking the idea for a week of events around Pride Day. These events then developed into the annual LGBT celebrations held every June.

Every year the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways. Across the globe, various events are held during this special month as a way of recognising the influence LGBT people have had around the world.

LGBT or Gay Pride is a movement that celebrates sexual diversity. For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people it is a way of protesting about discrimination and violence. It promotes their dignity, equal rights, self-affirmation and is a way of increasing society’s awareness of the issues they face.

Pride is a time for everyone to celebrate who they are, but while lesbian, gay, bi and trans rights may have progressed a lot, there's still a long way to go before everyone in the LGBT community feels accepted without exception

The Stonewall Charity report: LGBT in Britain Work Report 2018 investigated the specific experiences of the 3,213 employed LGBT respondents and their experiences of discrimination in the workplace as well as the extent to which LGBT staff still feel they have to conceal who they are at work and found that:

  • Almost one in five LGBT staff (18 per cent) have been the target of negative comments or conduct from work colleagues in the last year because they're LGBT.
  • One in eight trans people (12 per cent) have been physically attacked by customers or colleagues in the last year because of being trans.
  • One in ten black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT staff (10 per cent) have similarly been physically attacked because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, compared to three per cent of white LGBT staff.
  • Almost one in five LGBT people (18 per cent) who were looking for work said they were discriminated against because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity while trying to get a job in the last year.
  • One in eight black, Asian and minority ethnic LGBT employees (12 per cent) have lost a job in the last year because of being LGBT, compared to four per cent of white LGBT staff.
  • Almost two in five bi people (38 per cent) aren’t out to anyone at work about their sexual orientation.
  • More than a third of LGBT staff (35 per cent) have hidden or disguised that they are LGBT at work in the last year because they were afraid of discrimination.
  • One in eight lesbian, gay and bi people (12 per cent) wouldn’t feel confident reporting any homophobic or biphobic bullying to their employer.
  • One in five trans people (21 per cent) wouldn’t report transphobic bullying in the workplace.
  • Almost a third of non-binary people (31 per cent) and one in five trans people (18 per cent) don’t feel able to wear work attire representing their gender expression.


LGBT Pride at work

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Written by Ian Mundy in support of LGBT Pride Month 2018

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