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Posted on 25 May 2022 by Ian Mundy

62% of those that responded to a recent survey You HR run, said their Recruitment process doesn’t connect to their onboarding and induction – playing havoc in being efficient when new starters commence, and, being a high contributory factor to turnover and low retention rates. 

We often find, and particularly as it is a candidates market right now, that if there is a lack of engagement from the point of ‘offer’ to when a new starter is due to join an organisation, the risk increases around someone actually commencing in the job, or perhaps their employment is short lived as a result of their expectations not aligning to those of the organisation.  

With Glassdoor reporting in 2020 that the average cost of recruiting a new employee in the UK was around £3k, and this figure increases tenfold when needing to replace an employee – we are keen to see where we can help You! 

Our recent HR Consultant recruits (left to right: Charlotte Richardson, Sarah Plush and Calum Greenfield ) 

We are experts in the field of all people processes in the workplace, ensuring these come to life and meaningfully provide your organisation with what you need, efficiently and effectively. We practice what we provide for our clients. Take a look at the quotes below from our recent new You HR starters and their thoughts on our recruitment, onboarding and induction processes they experienced:

"I have found that the team’s friendly and supportive approach has been key to helping me settle in. I expected to feel anxious and overwhelmed coming into a new role, but I’ve felt confident knowing that I can get support from anyone in You HR if needed."

- Calum Greenfield,
Junior HR Consultant

“From Interview to Induction, You HR made me feel so welcome and supported I know I have found a great company to work for. Having a structured and balanced induction, gave me time to learn and get involved with client's without feeling overwhelmed.”

- Charlotte Smith,
Junior HR Consultant

"Sometimes starting a new hybrid role can feel daunting and make you feel like you don’t know who to turn to if you need help but having recently started my role at You HR Consultancy in April 2022, I can honestly say they have the best onboarding process I have ever experienced."

- Sarah Plush,
HR Consultant

A key part of our Exclusive Retained service involves undertaking an in-depth HR Audit of your core policies and processes to identify what’s working well and what needs to improve. Our HR Audit takes a two pronged approach, from a best practice compliance perspective, and also in ensuring your future people plans align to your organisational needs. Or we can simply provide support as a one off discrete piece of work to review, refresh and implement your recruitment, onboarding and induction policies and processes through our Pay As You Go (PAYG) service. 

We take great pride in getting to know our clients and the sectors they work within to understand what works best in bespoke workplans we create that enables their organisation to flourish and grow.  

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