The HR Health Check is a free HR tool that gives instant insights about your HR risks and strengths.

Free Human Resources Health Check

Is HR good for You?

At You HR we are advocates of ensuring that all businesses have the fundamental basics of HR in place. If you have not yet had the opportunity to evaluate your current HR practice, why not try our FREE on-line HR Health Check. It takes a few minutes to complete and will give you an instant outcome of how your business complies with the latest HR best practice and legislative employment requirements or where you need to improve practice and minimise any risks to your business.

The benefits of our HR Health Check

Highlights areas of HR best practice to focus on
Identifies areas of where there is risks to your business
Provides insights of where you can improve practice
Prioritises what you need to focus on
Informs you of where your HR practice is doing well

How does it work?

Answer the multiple-choice questions (in our HR Health Check below) across our 4 service lines about how people management and HR is conducted in your business.
The first 7 questions of the survey are related to Everyday HR Support, followed by questions 8-12 on People Development and Business Optimisation. Business Growth, Change and Development is covered in questions 13-16 and lastly questions 17-20 are for Workplace Wellbeing.

Once you submit your responses, you will receive a helpful outcome giving you clarity and an overall score. This insight will help identify where you need to focus and/or keep doing what you are doing, against our HR best practice standards of employment compliance and ultimately, business growth through great people management.
Review your scores
You will be able to review your scores and of course get in touch with us (using the get in touch button) if you would like to follow-up with a FREE, no obligation HR consultation to discuss your outcomes, or any other people management matter you want to obtain advice on from an HR confidant. Don’t worry, by providing us with brief contact details, we’ll be able to find your outcome results so you won’t have to repeat yourself in sharing your areas of focus.
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If you would like a more in-depth ‘HR Audit’ where we can forensically develop a full understanding of your business ‘people’ needs right now and provide a full scoped out action plan to address your most urgent requirements, then click the Get in Touch button for further information and to book in your Audit.
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