18 days into not smoking “and I’m feeling good”

Posted on 18 October 2017 by You HR

Having been a smoker on and off for just over 30 years (when I was told as a juvenile teenager that it would ‘stump my growth’), I thought it was the answer I was looking for – to be ‘in with the gang’ and to stop growing – 5ft 11inches, weighing 7 ½ stone, I stood out from the crowd and I didn’t like it.

Now, all these years later, I have realised that I was standing out for the wrong reasons – I have compromised by health and wellbeing for smoking… I’ve not exercised as much, yet I’ve carried on smoking, I haven’t watched my diet to ‘eat well’, yet I’ve carried on smoking. I now have children, a husband, a thriving business and an amazing team, yet I’ve carried on smoking!... why?

I could attribute the bad habit of smoking with life’s pressures, that it takes the edge off a situation, that it’s sociable – but it doesn’t and it’s not…

I’ve attempted to give up before (the longest period being 2 years) but something has drawn me back each time… however, this time feels different.

I feel my determination is being drawn from a number of sources: having lost loved ones due to cancer, children getting older and aware of smoking, and the realisation of getting older and wanting to preserve my health.

My team have been my backbone in the last few weeks in helping me through not smoking and encouraging me to access the support that we practice and preach to our clients through our Workplace Wellbeing service.

It’s been a massive help to have a dear colleague of mine, Toni-Dee finally bite the bullet with me, after 20 years of smoking, and join me on this journey… we’ve made a pact to #stoptober together!

According to Stopober - 16 more days and we’re 5 times as likely to quit for good! The App is amazing. so bring on the challenge.

We would love to support anyone looking to work through their Health and Wellbeing offering for their staff.

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