Our Top Tips To Reducing Stress In The Workplace

Posted on 20 April 2022 by Ian Mundy

There are many ways that you can reduce stress in the workplace. Worryingly 79% of British adults feel stressed in the workplace according to various sources published over the last year. With research proving that people who are more stressed in the workplace are likely to be less productive, employers need to look at what can prevent stress at work.

Through You HR's research we have found those who feel comfortable and more at ease (less stressed at work), are around 4.6 times more productive at work. By implementing a few small changes you could notice a massive improvement in work productivity and well-being. The following list contains changes that You HR personally use, and recommends you consider:

1. Take ‘walking meetings’. It's be found to encourage creativity and also allows workers to be more active in doing so.

2. Make time for tea – encourage time out for colleagues to discuss their well-being in a more relaxed environment.

3. Social time together outside the workplace encourages good team camaraderie, which in turn can encourage colleagues to share any issues that may be causing them unnecessary stress.

4. Consider flexible working options. Around 77% of employees feel as though flexible working pushes them to be more productive.

5. Regularly check the working environment.  Is it comfortable for employees? Could simple improvements be made to reduce noise or lighting issues? A recent study showed that an employee becomes 31% more productive when working in a comfortable environment.

6. Keep a management focus on wellbeing and positive steps to tackle presenteeism, in the workplace and particularly for colleagues working remotely.

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