My Day at You HR

Posted on 20 July 2018 by You HR

Interesting in hearing more about working for You HR? Here is a snapshot into the working life of one of our part-time employees, Matt:

I have been working at You HR for nearly a year now and it has made me feel more confident workwise, and in talking to people.

My day begins at 10.00 at You HR on Wednesdays and Thursday. Once I have looked at the jobs list I like to crack on with it. When I need a break I have a drink and have a look at what treats are available. I like the treats there are often Haribos or chocolate. I then get back to my work which is doing data entry, or organising Mailchimp, I enjoy work that needs attention to detail.

When I have my lunch break I use the canteen, because it has really tasty meals at a good price.

I like working at You HR because the team is friendly and I have got to know them well and they know me well and my dry sense of humour. We often share a joke

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