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Posted on 16 March 2022 by Ian Mundy

Do you have processes in place to recruit, engage and reward your employees?

Do you link your retention strategy to rewarding great performance?

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We’ve seen the recruitment landscape change dramatically as a result of the pandemic across many industries and, for many roles it can be a candidate led market. Recruitment is a work of art and requires the right artistic investment to achieve the right results. We are often praised for our successes where we've been required to pick-up when clients have been unable to recruit to 'hard to fill' roles, struggle to retain applicants and candidates through their recruitment process, or end up getting gazumped at the 11th hour... If this is you - we can help.

Our 100% success rate across all the recruitment campaigns we lead, demonstrates how we run recruitment campaigns right and well. But we don't stop there... Recruitment is a fundamental cog in connecting to wider people processes, so it's important to take a holistic approach.

We relish in helping organisations to set out in their onboarding and induction stages for a new employee, how the organisational culture is meaningfully portrayed and enables new starters to experience clarity around role and employer expectations. Most invaluably that new starters feel nurtured and their needs and wants are understood. With all that we've endured as a result of the pandemic, people are clearer now than ever before in what they want to get in return, from the employment relationship that they are committing to.

A key focus for many of our clients over recent months, aside of recruitment, has been to refresh their performance processes. This can often be a yearly appraisal approach that perhaps does not achieve its purpose. We know how to identify and establish top performance and career aspirational talent whilst ensuring all employees progress as an organisation needs, and are equitably rewarded for doing so. Whether performance links to pay, bonus schemes or other type of rewards, it needs to connect to the employment commitment and having an agile framework in place that responds to individual employee's needs and wants is essential.

Part of our focus connects the 'total reward' package offered and how this can be showcased, such as in the advertising elements of the recruitment process. This, alongside other key components such as incentives and other benefits, helps to ensure the attraction between applicants and employers ignites. It also helps to ensure imminent engagement from new employee's in understanding how performance links to productivity and reward in the workplace. Featuring an employers offering to prospective and existing employee's and how the organisation stands out from the rest will connect to retention, commitment to continued development, managing talent and recognising top performance.

"Our Academy houses invaluable content, such as Templates, Tools and Guidelines that enable you to easily implement a performance driven culture in your organisation that intrinsically and positively links to productivity and output".

Holly wells, Senior HR Consultant

YHR is a big advocate in ensuring that a drive to progress performance creates a positive culture and working environment, demonstrating clear connectivity and alignment between organisational and an employees’ development and that needs are met. A structured framework where objectives and achievements are recognised and success celebrated.

YHR have created and a Performance Framework that can be bespoke for any client. Its overall aim supports employees and employers alike in achieving optimal performance, defining what achieving, exceeding and exceptional performance looks like, whilst robustly supporting the positive progression of development needs for every individual and the organisation overall. Our framework evidently helps optimal levels of performance to be reached, in roles and across an organisation, whilst driving the required levels of behaviour, competency and standards.

When working with our clients in undergoing a review of their current processes, we have been able to offer a flexible approach to suite their needs. Whether it’s light touch expert advice and guidance, alongside accessing our Academy library content, or if more in-depth proactive and hands on Consultancy support. Many clients are realising the benefits in having us work closely with them at every step along the way, to create a meaningful bespoke framework to meet the needs and wants of their organisation and their people.

You HR is taking a leading role in helping to engage employees, enhance motivation and morale and ensure any policy, process or contractual changes that may be impacted as a result of enhancing recruitment, reward performance and pay, are sensitively managed and the right results are achieved.

Let us show you how we can help by getting in touch and emailing our virtual PA who will set-up a free no-obligation confidential conversation for us to talk through with you how we can help with your recruitment and / or create a framework that rewards great performance for you. Click here of you want to book you appointment directly with us.

It's all about you #itsallaboutthepeople

- Holly Wells, Senior HR Consultant

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