Equipping your Managers and Leaders to Cope 

Posted on 6 July 2022 by Ian Mundy

58% of respondents from a recent survey You HR has run, said that they do not feel they are equipping their managers with mentoring or coaching to work through the complexity of people matters that arise in the workplace or aligning their people plans with their organisational strategy.  

Whilst Employers acknowledged there is benefit in offering coaching and mentoring support to their managers in order to contend with the challenges most organisations are facing right now, their structures aren't equipped with the capacity or capability to meet this need.

A key part of our Exclusive Retained service, we incorporate providing managers, leaders and any staff with Human Resources responsibility, mentoring and coaching to upskill and equip them in working through HR and wider Organisational Development (OD) matters. We tailor make programmes based on a GROW (Goals, Realism, Objectives, with Who What Where and When) model personalised for each individual that requires coaching or mentoring. Whilst such needs are often generally stemming from our in-depth HR Audit we undertake as part of our Exclusive service, we have seen a rise in requests for coaching or mentoring through our Pay As You Go (PAYG) service, with a concentration of managing organisational change. However our services are commissioned, we can weave these needs into our proactive workplans, enabling any organisation's most important asset (their people!) to thrive. 

You HR Consultancy's Senior Management Team, April 2022

We take great pride in getting to know the #PublicSector, #NotforProfit and #SME clients we have the pleasure of working with that enables their organisation to flourish and grow. Whether through our PAYG or Retained service, we a proud of the People Strategies and Plans we have created in partnership with our clients and celebrating the growth and success as a result.  

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