Employment Legislation changes so far this year

Posted on 6 July 2022 by Ian Mundy

If you are not familiar with You HR Consultancy's 4 service lines and how we ensure legislative changes are embedded across the Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Development (OD) products we provide, then this article (and Part 2) will assist you.

Everyday HR Support

This service line covers everything and anything employment related! By accessing You HR's support through our Retained service we can ensure you're operating efficiently and effectively with all aspects of HR in your organisation. As part of our Retained or Pay As You Go (PAYG) service, we specialise in designing or reviewing Staff Contracts (spanning all types of working arrangements), managing Recruitment campaigns and increasing Retention, undertaking independent Investigations (from disciplinary to grievances, whistle blowing or other investigatory needs), constructively navigating our way through Facilitated conversations (including 'protected' or 'without prejudice') Mediation and other types of Dispute Resolutions. We are extremely proud of our tremendous track record of success in the solutions we have provided to our invaluable clients over the years, and where we have seamlessly (removing the pain points for our clients) navigated through many legislative and regulatory complexities. Some of our work of late has included (Brexit, Employment Rights and entitlements, fair dismissals, and Right to Work requirements). To find out more about the products and services we offer, click here.

People Development & Business Optimisation

This service line covers an array of training solutions, whether bespoke facilitated sessions or e-learning, our programmes can be accredited through our Approved provider status with The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM). Many of the programmes that we have delivered embrace current legislation, regulations and best practice. We have designed partnership-led courses (in collaboration with ACAS and various Trade Union and Professional Bodies), through to ensuring core HR processes are embedded fairly and equitably as we train staff and managers on topics such as Recruitment, maintaining good Employee Relations, Health and Wellbeing, Change Management and much more. This service line embraces our You HR Academy which includes a library that houses more than 800 pieces of invaluable content, clearly setting out, where applicable, legal and other statutory requirements. A final product within this service line that is impacted by legal requirements, is where we focus on Pay (being a proud advocate of the Oxfordshire Living Wage, promoting 'fair and equal pay' is important to us!). To find out more about how You HR can support you in developing your people and optimisation within your organisation click here.

Business Growth, Change & Development

In this service line we ensure any organisational change is managed right and well, particularly where formal consultations are required which, can become unnecessarily complex and costly if rights and entitlements are not correctly applied. Whether our clients needs have involved structural change to reduce their headcount (where we have delivered meaningful processes including redeployment, competitive selection, and managed 'at risk' situations well including where they have resulted in outplacement support and redundancies - all delivered with a great degree of empathy and fair outcomes). Some of our clients have had to grapple with the complexities of TUPE (Transfer or Undertakings, Protection of Employment) and even COSOP (the Cabinet Office Statement Of Practice), changing organisational entity, board or shareholder structures, through to an entire organisational closure. We relish in clearly setting out a case for change that reaches the desired future destination and outcomes. With the many organisational change needs that we have excelled in, for more information about our services and what we can do for you, click here.

Workplace Wellbeing

This service line is probably the most important service line of all, especially if we are to reap any positives from the impact of the COVID pandemic and generally want to support the welfare of our teams. Nurturing our most important asset, our employees, is crucial for any organisation and is often where a lot of organisations do not perhaps have the right foundations or understanding in how to carefully and sensitively navigate their way through situations that may arise. We have recovered many situations for our clients where they have needed to 'reasonably adjust' the working environment for employee's, know how to manage certain situations where short term sickness absence or long term conditions need to be supported constructively and correctly. Through to interpreting legislation holistically and know the duties and obligations from an employer perspective, including where third parties (such as clinical professionals or employee representatives) are involved. There is a multitude of ways that we can enhance workplace wellbeing, for more information about how we can help you, click here.

To recap on legislative changes that have taken place this year or are planned to take shape over forthcoming months, check out our easy to view headline guide below:

Book a FREE no obligation confidential consultation meeting with one of our expert HR Consultants by clicking here or emailing alice@youhr.co.uk to find out how You HR can support you in understanding how such changes impact on your employer obligations now and in the future #itsallaboutthepeople and in this case ensuring you have sound policy and process in practice!

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