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Posted on 2 September 2019 by You HR

My Story

The rise of flexible working and modern technology has opened up new opportunities for employers and has widened the workforce for many businesses. It has given employees a chance to show that some types of work can be completed anywhere and anytime and can increase productivity. Key components of a working relationship such as trust, respect and loyalty improve through this extended way of working, which in turn encourages employee retention.

As a working parent juggling school holidays can be really hard and sometimes the cost of additional childcare can make it not worth working at all.  I was really lucky at You HR to be given the opportunity to make a flexible working request to enable me to continue to work but manage the school holidays at the same time.

In order to make my proposal work I submitted my request along with a plan of the hours I wanted to do and the work that I could complete in that time. The plan demonstrated the what I could still achieve and what I felt could be put on hold.  I met with my manager to discuss this plan and, once agreed, I then shared my new working hours with the team and my key external contacts, using my email ‘out of office’ to ensure that everyone knew where and when I was working and, most importantly, how to contact me.

The beauty of working from home meant that with no travel time I was able to start work earlier which enabled me to finish work earlier leaving more of the day to enjoy the school holiday activities!

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Written by Ali English, You HR Consultancy Practice Administrator

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