You HR's steps for navigating business change during a recession

Posted on 13 August 2020 by You HR

With the UK economy suffering its biggest fall and an official recession being announced, how are you ensuring your planning for your businesses future? What options would be best for your business?

We have been supporting business leaders to navigate their way through these difficult times, ensuring that they identify the path of change that best meets their current and future needs and face the recession with robust planning that works for their business needs. As a result, we have produced these simple process maps as a means to help those needing to work through change in their organisation. These are the 3 areas we are commonly addressing; business restructures, operating flexi furlough, and managing redundancies.

Our Business Leaders Guide to coming out of Lockdown may also help you with finding your way through this challenging time. Please do get in touch with us by emailing to ask for further assistance in any employment matters.

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