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We are proud of our extensive range of HR and OD people products and how the work we deliver for clients stems from a place of wanting to be of purpose, achieving business growth through best practice people solutions.
“Becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”
– Michelle Obama

Culture Change & Transformation

Bespoke learning support to nurture and develop you and your team.
Advancing performance, pay and reward
Training workshops
You HR Academy
Coaching and mentoring

People Growth & Development

Helping you to restructure and manage change effectively and sustainably.
Systems redesign
Staff consultations
People processes

Effective Everyday HR Solutions

Covering any employment matter that arises in the workplace for you, including;
HR advice and support
Contracts, handbooks and core documents
Recruitment retention
Investigations, mediation and dispute resolution

Nurturing Employee Wellbeing

Vital to survival of your business, the work that supports and engages your people.
Engaging & involving your staff
Team welfare
Promoting a positive workplace presence
Workplace wellness strategies

HR Consultancy Services

We offer everything associated with Human Resources and Organisational Development, creating a complete package of people management solution for our clients. Your people are your most valuable asset, so if you develop best practice HR and nurture your people, your organisation will thrive. Click on the service lines above to find out more about the services we offer.

We offer our Retained HR services to clients across 3 levels depending on your need and budget.

Details of what’s included in our services is set out below, get in touch to find out more or to discuss what package will best meet your HR need.

Retained HR Service Levels

For our clients that generally have up to 15 employees
Full HR compliance audit and proactive annual action plan produced
Dedicated Consultant support providing virtual advice and guidance on how you can implement your HR needs
Access to online HR content via our Academy
5% discount on additional products purchased
For our clients with 15+ employees
Onsite HR expertise as required
Branded content produced for your organisation
Dedicated HR Consultant, providing tailored deliverables for your organisation and ways of working
Coaching and guidance for managers
7.5% discount on additional products purchased
For our clients with 20 or more employees
Senior HR Consultant to advance your strategic and operational direction up to and including board level
Enhancing and developing organisational effectiveness for your organisation through a range of interventions
Senior Management and Executive level coaching
10% discount on additional products purchased
We also offer access to our on-line content library through our You HR Academy where can easily and securely sign up to buy a piece of one-off content through our Pay As You Go or sign up to a 12 month ‘Essentials’ membership service that will allow you to access to content to download at your convenience within a monthly allocation allowance.
Access to You HR Academy Content library
Full Personnel File Audit
In depth HR and OD Diagnostic
Bespoke workplan of measured deliverables defined and implemented for your business
Client experience progress review meetings
Advice and guidance on HR best practice templates, process implementation
Day to Day Employee advice on email and telephone (optional)
Virtual Management advice on specific employment matters
Onsite Management advice on specific employment matters
Tailor made HR content branded for your business
Enhanced business employee engagement, communication and involvement
Coaching and guidance for managers
Senior Management and Executive level coaching
Senior HR Advice and Guidance across your business
Strategic organisational direction on HR and OD up to and including board level
Onsite HR and OD support where required
Discount on additional PAYG time, products and services2.5%5%7.5%10%

Pay As You Go

You can purchase all of our products (except for Retained HR) on our PAYG service. We can design and deliver packages of work, whether hourly or daily, tailored for You to manage whatever requirement you may have.

Similarly to our Retained Service, our PAYG Service is set out in a scoped plan of work, aligned to objectives that will be monitored, through our time tracking system, to measure the success that we achieve with you. If you need quick support in reaction to any HR issue, our PAYG service is ideal to quickly equip you with what you need. We will simply set out the most cost effective way to provide a solution for you. We never go over our commitment to you, if we need more time we simply work that through with you.

Our PAYG can also be used by our Retained clients (with a discount applied) to simply top up time for specific needs/projects of work; an investigation, facilitated training, staff consultation, assistance with complex absence cases perhaps… Anything people related we can deal with it for You!
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