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We take pride in our comprehensive array of HR and OD products, each meticulously crafted with a purposeful intent. Every client engagement reflects our commitment to alleviating daily organisational and operational pressures to successfully implement sustainable and compliant best practice people solutions.
Everyday HR support ensures your HR infrastructure is in place enabling you to operate efficiently and effectively. Through focusing on your policies, processes, strategies, systems or simply the way you recruit and retain the right staff in the right roles; we ensure your business is well governed and operating in accordance with UK statutory legislative and regulatory compliance.

Our job is to make your life easier by removing any inefficiencies in the way your HR is delivered. We enhance the effectiveness of your HR, embracing equality and consistency of standards for all. Providing HR structure as a model employer will give you a satisfied workforce. A happy workforce gives you a return on investment through increased performance and productivity.

We can give you as much support as you need, leaving you to concentrate on your business, having peace of mind that we are working alongside you and dealing with any HR matters proactively and purposefully.
Further information:
HR Advice & Guidance
We have been providing HR advice and guidance to clients for decades and have seamlessly worked through a fascinating portfolio of situations; whether equipping clients with the basic essentials, dealing with pressing HR problems, or building on their existing HR they have in place.

Through our Pay As You Go/Retained HR service we can:
Provide instant advice and guidance on any HR matter,
Review, create, implement, manage any aspect of HR in your business,
Design or review your existing processes to provide meaningful data for effective workforce reporting (on turnover/attrition, absence trends, creating a more diverse / successively planned workforce),
Undertake an HR audit to draw out priorities that we can focus on through our Retained HR service,
However much help you may need we are the people to offer the solution that is right for your business, so give us a call and we can talk it through or get in touch by completing our contact form by clicking here.
Staff Contracts, Handbooks & Core HR Documents
You HR are compliance nerds and proud of it! We love process and conforming to employment legislation and demonstrating how this can be interpreted into everyday practice within your business. Not having the essentials in place or managing HR matters incorrectly, can have a costly impact on your business. 

Let us demonstrate how we can be of best value to your business by putting in place best practice in:
Review existing or creating; policies and procedures (including staff handbooks, employment documents – offer letters / contracts of employment, handbooks, aligning processes to your HR systems; annual leave, sick leave, appraisal, training, other types of leave, employee relations – grievances / disciplinary processes),
Train your managers and staff in how HR should be applied in your workplace,
Ensure you have the right processes and systems in place for managing HR policy and process,
Demonstrating the breadth and depth of our expertise, underpinned by our employment law partners, in areas such as managing non-employed resources.
Recruitment & Retention
Attracting the right people is SO important. Anyone who has ever hired the wrong person will tell you what a huge impact it can have on a business, not to mention the cost of re-recruiting. You HR can handle your whole recruitment experience advising and guiding you on where you need to focus to ensure you retain the right staff in the right roles. 

Our services include:
Role design, Job description and Person Specification evaluation,
Managing your entire recruitment campaign, including search and selection,
Designing candidate interview and selection solutions, including psychometric assessments,
Managing your ‘offer’ process and onboarding,
Review your existing methods of retention, analysing your data and information to explore what your staff are looking for and create a retention strategy that will best work for you.
Investigations, Mediation & Dispute Resolution
Your business is at its most productive when your employees are content but in reality that’s not always the case. We are all only human, and situations arise where people may not always see eye to eye. As employers, you may need to intervene. Dealing with HR employment related matters efficiently and effectively is vital to minimise the impact on your business, others in the workplace and from becoming an unnecessary time consuming cost to your business.

Whatever the case may be, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach or a quick fix. Instead we see it as more effective to treat every matter on a case-by-case basis. We are proud of our unblemished record (we’re 100% tribunal free) of successfully managing some of the most complex HR employment issues that have arisen for our clients through:
Undertaking workplace HR investigations (including whistle blowing, grievances, disciplinaries, fraud),
Managing informal or formal grievances, complaints or other disputes,
Managing informal or formal disciplinary proceedings,
Conducting facilitated conversations,
Case Study:
To align an array of employment contracts that had different terms and conditions.
YHRC supported and navigated the client through a consultation period with employees to change their terms and conditions and put in place a single employment contract which is compliant and up to date with recent case law, legislation and GDPR. The new contract ensures fairness and equal terms and conditions.
All employees signed their new employment contract and the consultation ran smoothly and fairly. This exercise had additional benefits as it engaged employees by asking for their involvement, the client now has peace of mind that the terms and conditions of employment are fair equal and compliant, and the consultation was conducted inline with best practise guidance, as well as being all wrapped up in 21 days.
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