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At the core of our service line is a commitment to nurturing individual and collective growth within your organisation. Through our comprehensive learning and development solutions, including tailored management and leadership training programmes, where we strive to elevate performance. Our expertise spans strategic talent management, elevating pay and reward structures to attract and retain top talent. We focus on excellence in every aspect, crafting effective workforce and succession planning strategies, ensuring that your team is prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With a focus on, we pave the way for continuous and impactful people growth and development within your organisation.
The people within your organisation are your most valuable asset, why wouldn’t you want to invest in their development and enable your organisation to grow as a result?

At You HR we thrive on helping organisations fully understand their ‘people’ through providing best practice and innovative solutions that inspire leaders, managers and supervisors in developing their skills and competencies to allow them to operate in open and transparent employment relationships that are of benefit for your organisation.
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Training Workshops and Facilitated Programmes
You HR carefully analyse your businesses management and leadership ‘people’ training needs. By evaluating any gaps in the knowledge, capability and skill we can determine the best training solutions to achieve maximum development that will demonstrate a return on your investment through the improved performance of your people. We can bespoke our products, aligned to your business and what you are looking for, including:
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Board Organisational Development workshops and seminars,
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Senior Leaders and Managers master-classes,
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The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM) Certificated People Management Development Programmes,
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Team Development,
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HR best practice (for managers and employees).
Advancing Performance, Pay & Reward
Having plans in place that embrace your top performers, whilst supporting those that need help to develop and perform, requires careful consideration and planning to ensure success. We can help you manage your talent and set-out your future succession planning by designing performance and appraisal frameworks that have processes in place to monitor and track individual activity.

Pay, incentives and reward schemes can be included within your framework to specifically support your plans for growth, bringing to life individual and organisational benefits, focusing on:
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Building or enhancing your existing Performance and Appraisal Framework,
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Training managers and staff in the Appraisal process,
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Undertaking or introducing robust solutions to manage Pay Reviews,
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Reviewing staff incentives and recognition,
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Addressing any areas where performance is not where you want it to be.
You Online Academy
Our Academy can provide you with your own online secure area where all employees can access the training you assign them. We can create a complete package of e-learning solution specifically for your business, or you can gain access to our standard online courses and programmes; ranging from statutory and mandatory training, our standard people management modules, through to fully accredited TILM People Management qualifications. To find out more, click here to go to our You Academy pages.
Coaching and Mentoring
Our professional coaches and mentors have a range of experience in supporting executive teams, professional managers, as well as those venturing out at the start of their management career. With a track record of successful individual and organisational results, our team will add great value in any coaching or mentoring situation. We can provide:
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A programme of x6 virtual or face to face coaching sessions,
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Group situational coaching programmes,
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Mentoring programmes,
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Train managers to be equipped with coaching skills.
Supporting managers in aligning and implementing solutions to improve performance within an organisation.
We have been coaching and mentoring senior members of a small b2b’s senior management team; guiding them to create and implement solutions that enable their business performance to grow through their people. We designed and delivered a people management training programme aligned to specific needs that progressed their business vision.
We achieved a significant cost saving for them by enhancing their onboarding process, as well as designing and implementing an e-learning induction programme. We also successfully managed 2 pay reviews with them and created an appraisal system designed to their organisation which has enabled a culture shift around performance improvement and recognition.

Whilst we continue to provide services to this longstanding client, the need for our services has lessened as most of what we have created and implemented(above) is now successfully managed in-house.
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