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Our service line is dedicated to elevating the employee experience by emphasising physical and mental wellbeing fundamentals while cultivating a positive, engaging, and inclusive work environment within your organisation. Through strategic initiatives, we foster a holistic and supportive workplace, whether in person or virtual, encouraging active involvement, motivation, and commitment. Our approach celebrates how the richness of equality, equity and diversity contributes to a thriving culture that enables your team to flourish and bring their best selves to work.
Developing and supporting workplace wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. Our focus to champion this for our clients generates benefits for people, businesses, economies and communities. When people are well, businesses can thrive and societies flourish. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we are keen to demonstrate to our clients how being a supportive employee should be more than meeting basic needs. The fast-changing world of work and the fluctuating demands it places on employers and employees means that focusing on workplace wellbeing is forever evolving.
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Engaging & Improving Your Staff
A positive workforce is a productive one. While this sounds like a case of stating the obvious it is still overlooked by so many businesses. It is incredible how many employment tribunals could have been avoided by simply making employees feel valued and/or included. Your workplace culture and values are key to establishing a healthy working environment. We can:
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Create tailor made online (confidential if required) surveys that focus on employee engagement and satisfaction,
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Facilitate a series of workshops to build on survey results and engage your employee in creating actions to progress and build the culture you and they want for your business,
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Review communication, engagement and involvement mechanisms within your business to ensure that employee input is prevalent and focused on achieving your organisational goals/objectives and ultimately your vision.
Workplace Wellness Strategies
Whatever area of business or industry you work within, mental health as well as physical health are crucial elements to nurture in an employment relationship. With statistics showing that 1 in 4 workers experience some form of mental or physical illness in the workplace, having a strategy in place to prevent and minimise issues from arising is an effective way to proactively act. We can help you to:
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Create a motivating environment to work in, we can review your existing and help you devise cost-effective, meaningful and inspiring wellness initiatives, to drive enthusiasm, productivity and performance across all levels of the organisation, aligned to your vision and values,
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Help you to create a workplace wellness strategy,
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Provide training for managers and staff in managing wellness in the workplace, centred around your strategic approach.
Promoting a Positive Workplace Presence
Feeling well in work is vital for individuals’ and for organisations. Identifying what schemes, support, process and entitlement applies will enable a healthy workplace. We thrive on improving the core health and wellbeing needs of your company into tangible people actions, supporting campaigns to improve levels/types of employee absence and generally promoting the effectiveness to staff and managers. Health and Wellbeing is a hot topic, more prominent in the public eye than ever before. Let us help you to:
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Address any existing cases of sickness absence,
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Ensure your processes to manage all types of absence are robust and supportive for your business and your employees,
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Analyse your data and information to identify ways where action needs to be taken when attendance may be a concern,
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Train your managers and staff in how to ensure a positive workplace presence in your business.
Employee Assistance Programme
We can offer a confidential programme of support for employees to assist in any matter, work related or otherwise, where they may need assistance, A programme like ours can be invaluable for all employees, but particularly for people who want independent confidential support to help them address any multitude of matters where they need assistance to work through. We can provide:
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Phone and email advice and guidance,
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Face to face counselling, up to 6 sessions for each individual,
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Access to our online Academy will be available soon as a product that clients can use that will provide employee advice online.
Case Study:
Risk Management
You Consultancy was asked to design and deliver a management training programme that positively addressed the issues in managing health and wellbeing within a large organisation.
We developed the programme and materials to be very interactive, ensuring we generated a creative learning environment, and through using ‘real case examples’ all delegates were able to take something away with them and put their learning into practice in a live environment.
With over 80 managers attending the training and an overall average score of 4 out of a 5 for satisfaction from delegates that attended, the programme was deemed a great success!
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